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    The Magicstraw since 2017

    Thickshakes and more… day or night, summer or winter or spring… a touch of cool milky icy creamy texture over the taste buds give the ecstasy. We, at The Magic Straw provide you with limited editions of chocolatey and many other flavored thickshakes with a cent-percent ecstatic mode.

    The places of opportunity where any unique product can get its place to establish the uniqueness.

    “All we need is an experience to make our day that ends happily. Forget your stress with a smile on your lips.” – George Washington

    Our strawberry fable is the soulful way to get you smiled after a stressful day. Crushers that are prepared with fresh lime and mint by adding flavors can regenerate the lost energy and make you jump back to the point where you started your day.

    Draw the supreme bliss out of the magic straw

    Opening Hours:

    all days 10 a.m to 11 p.m

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